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"Kelly Hawkes has been a breath of fresh air.  Kelly knows her industry exceptionally well and is always willing to go the extra mile to help our clients.  We feel grateful to have crossed paths with someone who is a true professional and is willing to share her knowledge so generously with landlords, investors, property managers and property owners.  We would highly recommend Kelly and her services."

- Tom Karadza, Co-Founder Rock Star Real Estate

"Kelly has been a member of my real estate investing team for a couple of years now. She has been providing great advice and legal support when I'm in a 'pickle'. She definitely knows her stuff and is an invaluable part of my team. Thanks Kelly for all that you do!"

Lyn Lebeau
Real Estate Investor and Author of No Money? No Problem! Make Your First Million Dollars With Real Estate: The Secrets To My Millionaire Method Revealed


Nicole Dunn, Burlington ON -

"I feel compelled to take the time to share my experience with Kelly Hawkes, Paralegal.

I was a misinformed Landlord who had started down a path that could have led to bigger problems than what I was already experiencing.

I had a tenant pushing the limits with late rent, non- payment of water bills and running commercial trucks and trailers through the property.

Thankfully , I heard Kelley speak at a real estate event just in the nick of time.

Kelly helped me focus on the outcome -which was to have my tenant out by a reasonable date; while collecting rent on time, having the tenant pay the water bill and repair the yard. 

Kelley took the emotion out of the situation for me, gave me peace of mind to go back to my work and life and handled the client on my behalf.

While facing the LTB, I could not have imagined going through that on my own.

I saw first hand at my hearing, how my case was taken much more seriously and respectfully by the Adjudicator than the cases where the Landlords represented themselves. 

Even the slightest error on a form would have sent my case right back to square one and in favour of the tenant -regardless of the tenants' infractions.

Kelly has an amazing way of dealing with both sides.

She was able to communicate firmly, respectfully and effectively with the tenant and in the end we agreeably ended the tenancy.

I do not look forward to having issues with tenants in the future... but I know for certain, the second I do have an issue, I will save myself time, money and emotion by having Kelley step in to represent me. 

I can't imagine the Cost of NOT hiring Kelly to represent me. 

I highly recommend Kelly Hawkes to represent you if needed."

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